Cowley Manor

Spa in the heart of the Cotswolds

Cowley Manor is perched upon 55 acres of beautiful country side in the centre of the Cotswolds.

Surrounded by peaceful lakes and rolling green hills, this is the perfect getaway from London. Opened in 2002, this spa hotel is perfect for couples and families looking to get away from it all. There are plenty of things to keep the kids entertained while parents relax and let all the cares in the world melt away in the impressive spa.

The building itself was built in 1855 for Sir James Horlick of the Malted Milk Company. In 1930 the building was converted into assisted living for the elderly and continued this way for nearly 50 years. Because of this conversion a lot of the building’s character was lost in favour of function. This allowed the inside of the building to be updated in a more contemporary style. Fusing the new interior design and with the old style architecture gives this hotel a very distinct feel.

The main house has fifteen bedrooms, public and private rooms for entertainment and relaxation. The Stable building also has 15 bedrooms, which are quite a bit different than the main house’s rooms. The rural character of this building gave way to some very creative and interesting rooms surrounding the beautiful garden.

The public rooms have each been approached in a different way. Some are simple, like the dining room that has been lined with timber to be more in line with what you would expect of a 150 year old building. However, other rooms are much more modern, like the billiard room with its padded leather walls and the bar with very modern backlit cherry veneered panels.

A lot of thought was put into re-establishing spaces of scale and proportion in line with the original buildings. New architectural elements were thought of more as furniture within these older rooms, and where original features remained they were restored. A new glass roof was fitted to the old ‘Flower Room’ which presents guests with a spectacular vertical view of the upper two stories of the old house. There is also a vertical slot by the new staircase that allows the existing classic moulding to continue inside the building.

The spa is more of an enclosed space then an actual building. Built on the edge of the garden with a sunken courtyard and surrounded by 3 additional garden walls, this relaxation area has a very secluded feel, perfect for a quiet moment. You will also find an outdoor and indoor pool, ‘underground’ treatment rooms, steam and sauna and a gym.

All of these elements combine into a very fascinating and relaxing place to stay while in the English countryside. You can view more about staying at Cowley Manor by visiting their website.

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